WhatsApp users to be able to listen to voice notes in background


WhatsApp users to be able to listen to voice notes in background

 The exceptionally helpful component of altering the playback speed of voice notes was included April last year.


Last month WhatsApp delivered one more element that permits clients to 'review' a voice note prior to sending it. By see we imply that you can pay attention to it first prior to sending it.

The rollout of elements is proceeding into 2022.

Before long WhatsApp clients will actually want to pay attention to voice notes behind the scenes, implying that you can switch talks in WhatsApp without intruding on a voice note that is playing.

It's hazy whether you can switch applications and still have a voice note keep playing, however that is suspicious.

In the event that you change to another application that requires sound, it will not be imaginable to pay attention to that other application and to a WhatsApp voice note simultaneously.

Right now WhatsApp is likewise dealing with another element that will permit clients to interpret voice notes.

There are outsider applications that interpret voice notes however before long you'll have the option to do it straightforwardly on WhatsApp itself.


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