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You don't should be a cosmologist to observe stars or heavenly bodies overhead, simply open SkyView® and let it guide you to their area and recognize them. SkyView® is a lovely and natural stargazing application that utilizes your camera to exactly detect and distinguish divine items in sky, day or night. Observe each of the 88 star groupings as they blur in and out while you filter across the sky, find each planet in our nearby planet group, find far off cosmic systems, and witness satellite fly-bys.





• Basic: Point your gadget at the sky to distinguish systems, stars, heavenly bodies, planets, and satellites (counting the ISS and Hubble) passing upward at your area.

• Night Mode: Preserve your night vision with red or green night mode channels.

• Expanded Reality (AR): Use your camera to detect objects overhead, day or night.

• Sky Paths: Follow the sky track so that any article might see it's definite area overhead on any date and time.

• Far reaching: Includes huge number of stars, planets, and satellites with great many intriguing realities.

• Time Travel: Jump to the future or the past and see the sky on various dates and times.


• Versatile: WiFi isn't needed (doesn't need an information sign or GPS to work).

What a great method for showing yourself, your kids, your understudies, or your companions about our brilliant universe!




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