Huawei P50 Pro Specs And Price


Huawei P50 Pro Specs And Price

 Huawei newest flagship P50 series finishes out with the P50 Pro that has not just gone through the customary plan and specs updates as far as show quality, handling speeds, battery duration, or charging capacities, yet additionally presents new and one of a kind versatile camera innovations.

 The P50 Pro is a summit of the organization's unmistakable telephone photography patterns it began a long while back, before periscope zooming, multi-focal point camera packs, or unconventional shading science were cool. Does the P50 Pro prevail in what it at last decides to do? Generally yes.

Huawei P50 Pro cost and capacity choices

P50 Pro delivery: February 7, 2022

P50 Pro cost: €1100 for a 256GB model

The new Huawei P50 Pro is now accessible for preorder and will be delivered on February 7 in the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Latin America locales, essentially wherever however North America for clear reasons. For those in the U.S. this implies they need to import, in any case, to the surprise of no one, Amazon is here to assist with the truly difficult work.


Plan and show quality

The cool new Dual-Matrix plan of the P50 Pro with two mark "rings" on the back houses the numerous cameras and sensors of its photography pack and radiates picture snapping authority at every turn. While that makes it in a split second conspicuous, the selection of its Cocoa Gold and Golden Black (in Europe), just as the Charm Pink or Pearl White tones additionally adds to the strange looks of the glass telephone.

At the front, the Huawei P50 Pro grounds a 6.6" bended glass 120Hz showcase with 2700 x 1228 pixels goal and a focused poke hole for the forward looking camera that makes the telephone fit easily in the palm when gotten a handle on. On another positive note, Huawei not just tosses a 66W charger in the P50 Pro box, yet additionally a silicone case so you'll have no post-buy costs.

The HDR screen is fit for covering the wide DCI-P3 shading range, and has a unique 120Hz invigorate rate with the incredible 300Hz touch examining rate for lower inertness while gaming.

Our tests observed the P50 Pro screen's shading show to be brilliant, with perhaps the littlest deviation from the reference white equilibrium or shading timeliness we've at any point estimated, and superb pinnacle splendor levels that make it simple to see outside.The dynamic invigorate settings are another region for Huawei and we observed that for reasons unknown the organization has excluded momentary point of interaction movements in the high revive blend. Swiping starting with one home screen then onto the next brings a recognizable haze except if you set the presentation to be on 120Hz revive consistently.

 One potential clarification is that the home screen interface runs at 90Hz when the "Dynamic" invigorate setting that Huawei promotes as "balance among perfection and battery duration" is on. Maybe Huawei legitimately presumed that home screen swipes are a more extraordinary event than looking in the settings menu, yet assuming you need the 120Hz perfection there, as well, you'd need to turn on the "High" revive rate choice in the presentation settings.

Execution and programming

Huawei's 2022 leader is controlled by the Snapdragon 888 chipset without a 5G part and sports 8GB RAM just as 256GB of capacity. These might seem like 2021 specs, yet with the P50 Pro Huawei has been soundly centered around the camera experience. The utilization of this precisely Snapdragon processor without the 5G modem and channels come to no blame of its own as that is the greatest that the U.S. sanctions are permitting it to use in its telephones.As may be obvious, the P50 Pro's exhibition is all that anyone could need for everything imaginable, and it runs manufactured benchmarks comparable to Samsung's S21 series, true to form. Regardless, we didn't feel underpowered during out day by day collaborations with the telephone

 The absence of a 5G modem may likewise like to a greater degree a thing to stress over, yet 5G organization inclusion is as yet rare, and the pinnacle hardware currently up conveys speeds on par or more awful than those you get on the hearty heritage 4G LTE network as a general rule.

Feeling UI 12, the Android interface

The absence of Google administrations on the P50 Pro is a greater dealbreaker than the 5G availability, however it very well may be bypassed with different measures of progress, as well. The P50 Pro sudden spikes in demand for an open-source Android 11 adaptation with Huawei's own EMUI 12.1 point of interaction on top, with a homemade libation App Gallery that has developed a wide margin in only the previous year to incorporate most well known applications you may require, even monetary ones. Huawei is additionally going hyper nearby, presenting support for some banking applications in the business sectors it serves, and presently even has a fintech choice to Google Pay.

Obviously, there are no Google administrations, as this is unadulterated AOSP Android, and we trust that Google and Huawei are permitted to communicate eventually on the grounds that this is a conundrum for the two sides. To dodge what is happening, you can introduce APKPure, APKMirror, or any comparative considered APK aggregator as a Play Store elective. You can subsequently download Maps, Chrome, and a couple of other Google applications that you may require however you'd require MicroG to coordinate those with your Google profile.

There are a Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and so on application choices that function admirably, as well. YouTube Vanced, for example, is superior to the first, the Petal Maps application is preinstalled and works disconnected, while you can get the great Here WeGo maps application, as well, and download entire mainlands for disconnected route. You can likewise utilize Huawei's solid Petal search that additionally comes preinstalled now, and is a captivating security situated interpretation of Google's meddlesome web index.

Where things get furry, in any case, are some applications that not just check for Google Play administrations upon send off, yet need them to run appropriately, essentially paid ones, or some requiring a membership. Other than going through more bands to introduce applications, to no blame of Huawei, EMUI 12.1 gave us a satiny encounter.

Huawei P50 Pro camera test

 Those two mark camera rings on the back are lodging some truly noteworthy equipment. The enormous 50MP True-Chroma principle camera sensor is helped with light catch by the 40MP monochrome one at the base ring. A 13MP camera does the scene and enormous group photography obligations, while the record "200x zoom range" is accomplished by going from the 0.5x ultrawide camera to the 64MP 90mm 3.5x periscope zoom shooter in a 13mm-2700mm identical range.

Huawei is currently including a new XD Optics answer for the troublesome sign misfortune that is innate to portable photography, the "main comprehensive picture signal reclamation framework that can apply calculations to redress optical mistakes and recreate fine subtleties" that can "restore however much 25% of the picture signal."

Other than the amazing camera equipment, Huawei presents another True-Chroma Image Engine that "conveys the most noteworthy conceivable shading precision, making pictures that reflect what is seen by the natural eye" by utilizing another 10-channel multi-range surrounding light sensor whose info gets extra adjustment on 2000+ tones along the P3 range.

Sound and call quality

We likewise enjoyed the sound system sound recording capacities of the Huawei P50 Pro while catching video, as it removed surrounding commotion when we were talking and figured out how to effectively battle with the whirlwinds hitting the three clamor dropping mics around the telephone.The sound system speakers are likewise rather perfect and strong for ones mounted on a telephone, and our voices were handed-off clearly and clear to the less than desirable end during out call quality tests, the telephone executes its sound obligations well overall.

Battery duration and charging

The 4360mAh battery pack in the Huawei P50 Pro can be charged through the quick 66W block in the crate in around 40 minutes, or with a 40W remote charger for about an hour and change. These are one of the quickest charging speeds on a well known telephone leader line out there and an improvement over its ancestor.

The telephone releases with around 10% each hour with the screen turned on programmed brilliance with customary utilization which is a very decent pointer that it will last you from a morning off the charger to the following one.


There are a lot of contenders to the Huawei P50 Pro in its lead value range. The telephone conveys the absolute best fundamental camera shots we've seen from a telephone, and its zoom shots are right up there with periscope stalwarts like the S21 Ultra or the Pixel 6 Pro. It additionally has one of the most shading valid showcases we've tried and extremely quick accusing capacities of the block in the crate, in contrast to its immediate rivals.


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