Network Analyzer Pro can assist you with diagnosing different issues



Network Analyzer can assist you with diagnosing different issues in your wifi network arrangement, Internet availability, and furthermore recognize different issues on far off servers on account of the wide scope of apparatuses it gives.


It is furnished with a quick wifi gadget disclosure device, including all the LAN gadget's locations, producers and names, along with the Bonjour/DLNA administrations they give. Further, Network Analyzer contains standard net symptomatic apparatuses like ping, traceroute, port scanner, DNS query, whois, and network speed test. At last, it shows generally adjoining wi-fi networks along with extra subtleties, for example, signal strength, encryption and switch maker to help finding the best channel for a remote switch.


Wifi signal meter:


Both graphical and printed portrayal showing network channels and sign qualities

Channel use chart - see per-channel use

Wifi network type (WEP, WPA, WPA2)

Wifi encryption (AES, TKIP)

BSSID (switch MAC address), maker, WPS support

Data transmission (Android 6 and fresher as it were)


LAN scanner:

Quick and dependable identification of all network gadgets

Seller name, IP, and MAC locations of every single found gadget

NetBIOS, mDNS (bonjour), LLMNR, and DNS name where accessible

Pingability trial of found gadgets

IPv6 accessibility and found IPv6 addresses

Wake on LAN (WOL) including far off WOL

Sweep of custom IP ranges

Plausibility to set custom gadget name

Separating and search in the found gadget list

Network associations (availabe on Android 9 and underneath as it were):


Like unix netstat device - see network associations made by other applications

Nearby and remote location and port number, condition of the association

Remote hostname

Name of the application which made the association

TCP, UDP, IPv4 and IPv6

Steering table:

Objective and door, interface utilized, banners

Both IPv4 and IPv6

Ping and traceroute:

Full circle delay including IP address and hostname for each organization hub

Geolocation information including scope, longitude, nation, city, and time region

AS number and organization name data

Complete follow course representation on the guide

Graphical ping measurements refreshed continuously

Both IPv4 and IPv6 - selectable


Port scanner:

Quick, versatile calculation for examining the most widely recognized ports or client indicated port reaches

Discovery of shut, firewalled, and open ports

Portrayal of the known open port administrations

Sweep of complete port reach or client editable normal ports

Both IPv4 and IPv6 - selectable



Whois of areas, IP addresses and AS numbers

DNS query:

Usefulness like nslookup or burrow

Support for A, AA, SOA, PTR, MXNS, TXT, SPF, SRV records


Web speed:

Trial of both download and transfer speeds

Graphical speed test view

Speedtest history

Network data:

Default door, outer IP (v4 and v6), DNS server, HTTP intermediary

Wifi network data, for example, SSID, BSSID, IP address, subnet veil , signal strength, and so forth

Cell (3G, LTE) network data, for example, IP address, signal strength, network supplier, MCC, MNC, and so on


Nearby help disclosure:

Bonjour administration program

UPNP/DLNA administration and gadget program


Full IPv6 support all over the place

History of all performed undertakings with the likelihood to star the most loved ones

Send out by email and different means

Duplicate/glue support

Point by point help

Ordinary updates, support page


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