View Stars Day and Night



View Stars Day and Night is a stargazing application for both experienced and amateur cosmology darlings.

View Stars Day and Night is a stargazing application for both experienced and amateur cosmology darlings. Investigate the stars whenever and place, track down planets, find out with regards to heavenly bodies and other sky objects. Star Walk 2 is an incredible space science apparatus to recognize objects on the guide of the stars and planets continuously.


Principle highlights:


★ This heavenly body star locater shows the constant sky map on your screen in anything bearing you are pointing the device.* To explore, dish your view on screen by swiping toward any path, zoom out by squeezing the screen, or zoom in by extending it. Night sky perception is very simple with Star Walk 2 - investigate the stars whenever and anyplace.


View Stars Day and Night

★ Appreciate AR stargazing with Star Walk 2. View stars, heavenly bodies, planets, satellites and other night sky objects in increased reality. Situate your gadget toward the sky, tap on the picture of the camera and the space science application will actuate your gadget's camera so you can see diagrammed objects seem superimposed on live sky objects.


★ Glean some useful knowledge about the nearby planet group, heavenly bodies, stars, comets, space rocks, space apparatus, clouds, recognize their situation on the guide of the sky continuously. Observe any heavenly body following a unique pointer on the guide of the stars and planets.


★ With our sky guide application you will get a more profound comprehension of the group of stars' scale and spot in the night sky map. Appreciate noticing great 3D models of star groupings, flip around them, read their accounts and other stargazing facts.**


View Stars Day and Night

★ Contacting a clock-face symbol at the upper-right corner of the screen permits you select any date and time and releases you forward or in reverse on schedule and watch the night sky guide of stars and planets in quick movement. Energizing stargazing experience!


★ Aside from guide of the stars and planets, find and study the profound sky objects, satellites in space live, meteor showers, broad data about the sunlight based system.** The night-method of this stargazing application will mention your sky observable fact at evening time more agreeable. Stars, heavenly bodies and satellites upward are nearer than you might suspect.


★Know about the most recent news from the universe of space and cosmology. The "What's happening" segment of our stargazing application will enlighten you regarding the most remarkable cosmic occasions on schedule.


Star Walk 2 is an ideal heavenly bodies, stars and planets locater which can be utilized by the two grown-ups and youngsters, space novices and genuine stargazers to learn cosmology without anyone else. It is likewise an extraordinary instructive apparatus for instructors to use during their inherent science and stargazing examples.


Cosmology application Star Walk 2 in the travel industry:


'Rapa Nui Stargazing' in view of Easter Island utilizes the application for sky perceptions during its galactic visits.


'Nakai Resorts Group' in the Maldives involves the application during space science gatherings for its visitors.


Assuming you've at any point told yourself "I might want to learn heavenly bodies and recognize stars in the night sky" or pondered "Is that a star or a planet?", Star Walk 2 is the stargazing application you've been searching for! Learn space science, investigate guide of the stars and planets progressively.


*The Star Spotter include won't work for the gadgets that are not outfitted with the whirligig and compass.


Space science List to see:


View Stars Day and Night

Stars and Constellations: Sirius, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, Vega, Capella, Rigel, Spica, Castor.

Planets: Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune,Venus, Mars, Jupiter,, Pluto.

Bantam planets and space rocks: Ceres, Makemake, Haumea, Sedna, Eris, Eros

Meteor showers: Perseids, Lyrids, Aquarids, Geminids, Ursids, and so on

Heavenly bodies: Andromeda, Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Cassiopeia, Libra, Pisces, Scorpius, Ursa Major, and so forth

Space missions and satellites: Curiosity, Luna 17, Apollo 11, Apollo 17, SEASAT, ERBS, ISS.


Begin your stargazing experience with one of the most outstanding cosmology applications at the present time!




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