Welcome to the Mystery Manor


Welcome to the Mystery Manor

 Welcome to the Manor, investigator! Prepared to begin your examination?


It appears as though we have an issue that no one but you can assist us with. The proprietor of Mystery Manor, the perplexing and subtle Mister X, has vanished, passing on the inhabitants all to themselves to settle every one of the secrets of this unusual spot. This is the place where you come in, analyst.


Notwithstanding the fa├žade, there are many rooms loaded with stowed away articles and dim privileged insights in this chateau. Each floor is a maze of baffling cases that will interest any analyst deserving at least moderate respect. Experience the surge of exploring uncanny crime locations, addressing uncommon characters, and tracking down signs in the most startling spots!


Secret Manor blends the ongoing interaction mechanics of the best secret article games, with vivid narrating and delightful illustrations that could be on the dividers of craftsmanship displays. Each room contains an exceptional story, which is interlaced with the remainder of the account. As you progress, you can't get away from the inclination that there's a more obscure secret mystery, perhaps a wrongdoing - one that includes the characters in general, and you the analyst too. All things considered, nobody truly knows how every one of the rooms and secret items appeared in any case - would it be able to be that you assumed a part in this as well?


There's just a single method for addressing this cryptic secret - start your excursion into the profundities of the Manor that has a greater number of privileged insights than a major city, and don't allow a solitary detail to get away from your sharp analyst eyes.


Outstanding Mystery Manor game highlights:

✔ Track down secret items and complete different criminal investigator undertakings

✔ Join different searchers looking for astounding articles, keys, and hints

✔ Utilize your criminal investigator abilities to gather wonderful assortments

✔ A charming storyline that will make you put down your cherished investigator novel

✔ Wonderful hand-drawn designs

✔ Huge loads of game modes to test your investigator abilities in tracking down secret articles: words, outlines, peculiarities, zodiac, and that's just the beginning

✔ Ordinary free updates brimming with new characters, articles, and missions

✔ Stunning smaller than usual games and a Match-3 experience

✔ Secret items game that works disconnected without an Internet association: Play it on the plane, on the tram, or out and about. Appreciate!




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