How to make money on Instagram – 7 ways


 Content monetization is the best way for Instagram owners to earn money. Next, we will consider the main methods, pitfalls and give advice.



How to make money on Instagram – 7 ways

Ways To Make Money On Instagram

To buy


How to make money on Instagram, having a store or suppliers? – open a store on instagram. It is easier to promote new products and brands through the application. It is more convenient if you can buy products through Instagram, without going to the site. Profits come from customers.




If you have good style and an active female audience, you can even sell vintage stuff on an additional page. If the profiles are popular, then advertisers promoting clothing are contacted and donated for sale. The main thing is to indicate the brand on the photo.



The best option is to open a thrift store where personal, other people's and donated items will be sold at a discount. Some find success and open "live" stores offline.


Beautiful pictures


Such pages are called "mood pages." There, people post a beautiful selection of their own photos and photos from the Internet. People subscribe to get inspired and save images for personal use.


Personal profile


How to make money on Instagram having an attractive appearance? – Show it more. The profile is maintained from a specific living person with photos and a name. It is advisable to publish more stories, communicate with subscribers and show them your life.


beauty page


It comes as an addition to the main. Users create a second page by adding "beauty" to their nickname. For example, the personal page of alisarodina45. The nickname on the second page looks like this: alisarodina45_beauty.


Keep someone else's page


Busy people who don't have time to maintain an Instagram profile entrust pages to attendees. Those, in turn, process photos in a certain style, Photoshop them and put them on the page.


PR Pages


People will ask to be mentioned in a post or post a photo, for which they will pay money. Keep in mind that people don't like pages with explicit account ads.




Most of the people are interested in how many followers it takes to make money on Instagram. The first advertising contracts of 10 thousand subscribers are received. The higher the number, the more interested advertisers.


Requirements for content in examples

Cosmetic products. Most of the contracts are with cosmetic companies. For advertisers to be interested in you, most of the photos must be with a face. Take more selfies and full body photos. Photographs with makeup are required. Cosmetic brands donate cosmetics and pay for advertising.


Sport. Photos should be in full growth and in the hallway. Photographs must be athletic figure fit. You can get money for advertising, as well as sports nutrition, equipment and free gym memberships.


Technique. Reviews about devices and photos with technology. If the audience is focused on reading reviews, devices for reviews will be sent to them and they will pay for them. The following companies participate most frequently: Samsung, Nokia, ASUS and Chinese brands.


A few words about earnings

The amount bloggers earn on Instagram is influenced by:


Popularity. Owners of millions of subscribers receive from 100 thousand rubles for 1 advertising publication.

Updates. The more active the page, the more ads. You can earn more than half a million in a week with contracts and audience.

Audience activity. Advertisers look at the comments determining the average subscriber. For example, if the reviews are mostly women over the age of 30, then the majority of the ads will be for anti-aging products.

Tips to earn on Instagram

reputation is everything


If you are promiscuous in advertising, posting anything, then that approach will forever mark you as a greedy and "corrupt" person. The Russian audience doesn't like advertising on every post and unsubscribes if they see it in large numbers. Remember that reputation is difficult to recover.


Choose your offers wisely


Try to check what they give you for promotion. For example, try the foundation you have to talk about and if it's bad, stop advertising. If people get acne, burns, and other negative consequences from your posts, you will lose trust forever, therefore, you will be worthless to businesses.


More live streams


Subscribers don't like bots that don't pay attention to subscribers. Communicate with the audience on live broadcasts, answer their questions to spark interest in you.


Consider the quality


It is advisable to acquire a camera or at least a good smartphone. The photos must be of good quality, this is important.


more giveaways


People love giveaways, so if you give a lot of giveaways, there will be a huge increase in viewership. The more popular the product, the better. The principle is that people will post a post to your page, thereby advertising the page to your subscribers.


Less Photoshop


Many, chasing popularity, edit photos beyond recognition. If you are interested in the question of how to make money on Instagram, remember that excessive use of Photoshop will make you look like a laughingstock. Everyone edits photos, but if you don't want a negative wave coming your way, then don't change facial features. Sooner or later, you will be photographed on the street and published on the Internet, compared to what you publish on your page.


And if you publish a post in your stories with a photo like “here is my morning, without makeup and photoshop” and in fact it will be like this, you will only increase the level of trust of subscribers. People must understand that you can have common things, problems, joys that you can share. It's important to be real. That is when you will be able to hold the attention of the audience for a long time. You'll even get tired of playing some kind of ideal person forever.


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