How to make money on YouTube: some useful tips


 How much can you earn on YouTube? Direct income from video views brings popular YouTubers from 500 to several thousand US dollars per month.


How to make money on YouTube: some useful tips

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1. What Determines Revenue on YouTube: Top 7 Factors

2. money niche

3. video quality

4. Competent selection of SEO keywords

5. Regularity of channel updates

6. video views

7. Monetization methods

8. Monetization quality

9. Ways to Make Money on YouTube: Top 6 Ideas

10. Direct video ads

11. Google Adsense Contextual Advertising

12. Sell your products or services

13. affiliate programs

14. Money from other people's videos

15. Combined earnings: own blog + YouTube channel



However, some of the top video bloggers manage to earn up to a million dollars a month by posting various advertising content on their channels. Anyone who manages to catch luck by the tail and attract the attention of the wide Internet community can well count on serious financial success and a carefree existence.


What Determines Revenue on YouTube: Top 7 Factors

Interesting fact! Korean singer PSY, who blew up the charts around the world with the song "Gangnam style", managed to earn more than two million dollars only thanks to the Adsense service (to date, the clip has been viewed by more two billion unique users). ).


Money Niche

How much do you earn on YouTube? As mentioned above, the amount of revenue can vary significantly depending on the popularity of the channel, the creditworthiness of the target audience, and many other factors.


The cost of placing an advertising video at the beginning of the video varies in a very wide range - from several thousand rubles to millions. With charisma, some kind of talent and with some effort, you can completely forget about work and practically not deny yourself anything, which many successful video bloggers have shown by their own example, paving the way to success from below.


Video Quality

All filmed content should be of decent quality, because it's unlikely anyone would be interested in a video with a lot of noise and confusing sound.


Therefore, those who are really going to win the hearts of thousands of Internet viewers should choose a good video camera and master the basics of art editing. Some bloggers prefer to work with professional retouchers, but their services don't come cheap, so the ability to work in one of the professional video editors like Adobe Premier or Vegas will definitely come in handy. The background plays an important role, so it is recommended to get such a useful gadget as the “Green Screen”.


Competent Selection Of Seo Keywords

It is worth saying that even in the case of a competent selection of the most suitable words, it is not guaranteed to attract a large audience and a large number of visits. Search in the YouTube service is implemented as follows: videos are selected automatically, based on the keywords specified in the request (for example, “learning to embroider”) or by entering a URL.


It is very important that the keywords correspond to the content of the video itself. That is, if you indicate words like “how to assemble a computer yourself” below a video about how to weed a garden plot, it is unlikely that you will be able to gather an impressive audience on your channel using that trick.


Regularity Of Channel Updates

One of the proven ways to keep the interest in your own channel at the right level is to set a schedule for posting new videos.


After recent changes in hosting rules, in order for subscribers to receive information about new videos, they need to click on the bell image, which will not allow them to miss new material from their favorite author in the future. Many popular bloggers regularly post short trailers at the end of their videos with brief and intriguing information about the content of the upcoming video.


Video Views

The number of views has a direct impact on the popularity of the channel, as well as whether the videos fall into the “recommended” or “trending” category.


The most obvious way to increase the number of views is to promote the material on your own. However, many novice bloggers want to become popular as quickly as possible and acquire an impressive army of fans, which pushes them not to use the most honest methods of promotion.


There are enough of various services that they offer, for a certain amount, to increase the number of unique views literally sometimes. At the same time, some of these assistants quite conscientiously do their job, while others are simply engaged in ordinary deception.



How to make money on YouTube? In order to monetize your own videos, you need to sign an official agreement with one of the affiliate programs. Only content that is freely available and does not violate anyone's copyright is monetized.


To enable the display of commercials on your own channel, you need to go to the video management section and check the box next to the item about commercial use. You can also earn money by selling external links, selling services or products, and even renting your own popular channel.


Monetization Quality

To date, owners of their own channels have two main ways to monetize: the first is earnings through Google's AdSense advertising network, while the second is to sign a contract with one of the affiliate programs. These companies are usually interested in cooperating with channels whose topics comply with the video hosting rules, and the average number of views for each video exceeds 10,000.


Interesting! How do you earn on YouTube for views? First of all, you should know that many companies are engaged in "stuffing" low-quality views. Therefore, trying to increase their popularity, bloggers often face a complete ban from the channel. So, in the case of audience growth and number of views, the old tried and true “slow but sure” formula often works better and safer.


Ways To Make Money On Youtube: Top 6 Ideas

Interesting! YouTube hosting allows the use of direct advertising only with the mandatory indication of the fact that this video contains product placement. In this case, Adsense advertising information is not displayed to the viewer.


Direct Video Ads

Direct advertising is understood as the publication of various promotional videos that talk about the benefits of a certain product or company that provides all kinds of commercial services.


A feature of the integration of direct advertising is the absence of intermediaries, however, in such cases, the advertiser is exposed to certain risks in case of non-compliance with the agreed terms for the publication of videos and other situations of force majeure.


Google Adsense Contextual Advertising

How to make money on YouTube with your videos? One of the easiest and most affordable ways to make money from advertising is to make money using Google's AdWords service.


When viewing such videos, the viewer can switch to them just a few seconds after the start of playback. Banner ads can be placed either directly on the video or above the list of videos in the search results line. Thanks to segmentation, advertising content is selected based on the interests of users, their age, gender and other factors.


To start making money with contextual advertising, you need to sign in to your AdWords account and then create a business or a new section in the paragraph with an existing business. Having completed a number of standard settings and decided on the location of business content, it remains to check the boxes next to the most suitable topics. For example, if the channel is dedicated to reviewing smartphones and various mobile devices, it's worth indicating the focus by selecting the "high tech" section of the list.


Sell Your Products Or Services

How to make money on YouTube from scratch? People who have culinary talent, for example, should try to create high-quality video content dedicated to cooking various dishes.


If the author of the channel is interested in the topic, the information about which he is going to share with the audience, he will surely be able to gather a permanent audience, which will be a guarantee of his material success in the future.


Affiliate Programs

How to make money on YouTube with views?


Most of the well-known bloggers and owners of popular channels receive income through cooperation with affiliate programs. The following companies work with the Russian-speaking audience: AIR, VSP Group, Quiz Group, AdSense and other companies. The application form can be downloaded directly from the official web resources of affiliate programs.


Money From Other People's Videos

According to the official rules of YouTube video hosting, uploading videos that belong to someone else is prohibited.


Before monetizing a video, it will be mandatory to verify that it meets all the requirements of the resource. If the video affects someone else's copyright (for example, excerpts from popular songs will play there or have other content that is not exclusive), it will most likely be blocked and measures up to a total ban will be applied to the account who published this video channel.


And yet, there are relevant options on how to make money from other people's videos on YouTube and not fall under the penalties applied to copyright infringers. Some bloggers have managed to become famous by reviewing other people's videos or cleverly combining content that is not unique.


Combined Earnings: Own Blog + Youtube Channel

Today, hosting bundled earning options are rapidly gaining popularity. Authors of their own blogs on popular engines like Word Press can easily redirect traffic to the desired channel.


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